Pour Your Heart Into It…All of It

By Jeremy Jones



And just like that it’s February.  Remember those New Year intentions you had just set?  Where are they now?  For many of you they might be long gone after a month’s worth of life and work getting in the way.  So many of us tend to postpone the most important things in our life because we let all of the “busyness” get in the way.  This causes the great fire in your belly that had you extremely excited just over 30 days ago to quickly diminish into a small ember of “I’ll do that later when I have time.”  Today is the day to re-create that spark.  Today is the day to re-commit to your goals so you can make this year your best year yet. 

The only way this can be done is to pour your heart into everything you want to accomplish and make it happen.  Pouring your heart into your goals and aspirations significantly increases your chances for success.  Pouring your heart out means sharing with others exactly what you want to do while holding yourself accountable on a day-to-day basis.  What better way to do this than to write or journal about your desired outcomes and when you are ready put it out there for the world to see.  Yes, this could be scary, but it could also be one of the greatest things you’ve ever done.  It could be another stepping stone toward achieving ultimate success.  All you have to do is put it out there.

I want to share with everyone one of my goals this year to make this my best year yet.  I’ve established (and I am human, still in the process of establishing) a morning routine in which I refer to as my “1% Better Hour.”  This hour gives me the opportunity to improve upon myself on a day-to-day basis—physically, mentally, and spiritually.  This hour begins when my alarm (currently the tune of Bob Marley’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy”) sounds at 4:58am.  I roll out of bed onto the floor and spend 20 minutes foam rolling, stretching, and loosening up my body while listening to a reflective or meditative audio book.  Once the 20-minute timer sounds I head down stairs and enjoy some hot green tea (sometimes coffee) while reading my current book (Practice Perfect by Doug Lemov) or up to date health and fitness articles.  After this 20 minute educationally period, I set my timer once again and grab my journal to reflect on what I’ve read, or how I feel, or what happened the day before, and of course, what my main focus is for the day ahead.  I’ve established a question to myself in which I answer everyday, “What are the 5 things I must accomplish today to make this a valuable and productive day?”  Often times the top 2 are already done—improved upon my body and sharpened my mind before the clock strikes 6am.  By committing to my “1% Better Hour,” I set myself up for success every single day.

Wow. I’ve poured my heart out and shared with you one of my most important goals for myself this year, and I feel fantastic in doing so.  What can you pour your hear out about?  What goals can you share with others in order to keep the fire in your belly burning strong?  I challenge you to make a change, to do something different, to focus on truly getting 1% better.  Maybe you clean up your nutrition and focus on foods that will help you achieve your fitness goals.  Maybe you try a new fitness program.  Maybe you establish your own morning routine to make you the best you, you can be.  Whatever it might be, put it out there, share it with others, and make it happen. 

Thank you for allowing me to pour my heart out; I encourage you to do the same.

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