“Strength is the foundation for developing the rest of physical qualities,” Prof. Leonid Matveev.


8 weeks OF A PERSONAL strength training and lean muscle building program

next PROGRAM BEGINS august 1oth 2015 in Gilbert and chandler!

The Strong & Lean program is the next step for those who want to go beyond ‘maintenance’ and see progress toward specific strength goals, while lowering body fat and adding lean muscle. We will focus on building lean mass by increasing your endurance, strength, and power. This is your chance to learn how to ‘sculpt’ your body.



  •  Progressive 8 week four phase (endurance, hypertrophy, strength, power) program.
  • Learn to do a number of lifts using good form and proper muscle recruitment patterns that can carry over into any future strength training program.
  • Tailor your program to you with weights and lifts to adapt to your starting ability and mobility.


  • You will be given specific meals to eat while you are on the program. Nutrition Online Support will be included in your program! Click here to learn more about it.
  • You will be held accountable for tracking your nutrition throughout the program…it’ll be worth it when you see how well it works!
  • Measurements are done at the beginning, middle and end of your program to make sure you are making progress. Adjustments to your nutrition will be made as needed.

What can you expect from the S & L Program:

  • Squat and Deadlift more than your bodyweight by the end of the program.
  • Perform bodyweight pull-ups.
  • Reduced waist measurement and body fat percentage without losing muscle or lean mass. 
  • Improve your eating habits.


  • 8 weeks (16 Semi-Private Sessions @2x per week) + (8 “Fundamental Strength”Day GroupFit Sessions @1x per week) for a total of 3 strength workouts per week!


TIMES & DATES – Starts August 10th

Mondays and Wednesdays in DOWNTOWN GILBERT

  • @8AM w/ Coach Nick
  • @1PM w/ Coach Sam (2 spots left)
  • @5PM w/ Coach Sam  (1 spot left)

Mondays and Wednesdays in CHANDLER

  • @4PM w/ Coach Matt (2 spots left)
  • @6PM w/ Coach Jared (2 spots left)
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