Thank You Kristina.

By Jeremy Jones


Over the course of our lives we encounter so many different individuals.  Some we meet and our paths stay connected for a long time, and others might only be around for a short part of our journey.  I believe that when we cross paths with others, regardless of how short or long, we should always focus on leaving that individual or individuals healthier and happier than they were before.  The Team at FunkFit expresses these same beliefs on a day-to-day basis with every one of our members that walks thru the doors. 

Kristina Kai has been empowering others at Funktional Fitness since day one.  She was one of our original Team members since 2008, and now in 2013, she has been blessed with the opportunity to spend more time with her husband and 2 children.   Her commitment to her family and their extraordinary health and fitness was the deciding factor in a very difficult, yet gratifying decision.  She will now be able to be even more involved with her children as she teaches them and encourages them to live a healthy lifestyle.    

Losing a teammate is never easy but it does make you even more grateful for that individual and everything they brought to the table.  Kristina served, educated, and trained many clients and members here at Funktional Fitness.  Every single person she touched can share their success story and how she impacted their lives.  No matter how hard she would train them, or how much nutritional knowledge she would drill into their heads, they would always leave with a smile, knowing she really cared for them and their health.  She treated her teammates the exact same way.  Her personality and thoughtfulness have contributed to a close friendship between the two of us, and I look forward to our friendship continuing to grow.

We will definitely miss seeing Kristina Kai around the studio but know that she made several lasting impressions that will be constant reminders of the great person she is.  Here are the top 10 things that will be missed by the entire FunkFit Team and all of its members:

10. For some reason the mouses on all of the computers would only automatically double click when pressed by her.

9.  Her holistic nutritional guru knowledge has been shared with us all.  (I know find myself drinking chlorophyll every morning.)

8.  We will have to figure out another way to use the term “O.G.” since we often referred to her by this.

7.  She never wanted to leave the studio and often displayed this by returning multiple times, most often to get her keys.

6.  Her understanding of all of her clients’ needs and what buttons she   needed to push to get the best out of each individual.

5.  Kristina’s competitive energy is like that of no one else.  Make anything a challenge and her ears perk up and she will excel.

4.  We still hope she plans on stopping by periodically to share with us all of her computer skills.  I believe she interned for both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

3.  Her sincerity and passion for training and empowering others to live a healthier lifestyle.

2.  Who doesn’t miss an All American athlete??

1.  Kristina’s smile every time she walked thru the doors was incredible and would automatically brighten your day.

Thank you Kristina for all you’ve done and contributed to over the past 4 and ½ years at Funktional Fitness.  You will truly be missed, but as you know, you will always be a part of the FunkFit Team.  We hope that our paths will cross again in the future, but in the mean time, keep blessing your family with all of your wonderful strengths and talents.  From all of the FunkFit community and the entire Team…



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