Make the Next Great Decision

By Jeremy Jones

Eat this. Don’t eat that.  That’s good for you.  You shouldn’t have that.  You need to avoid gluten.  Don’t eat too many carbs at night.  Monitor your sugar intake.  Keep your dressing on the side.  Drink water.  No more ice cream.  Any of these sound familiar to you?  Chances are you’ve heard one of them, are trying one of them, or have completely mastered one of them.  And there is also a high likelihood that all of the different nutrition tips and suggestions you hear on a daily basis from television, magazines, your trainer, and/or co-workers all lead to one thing—confusion!

Without being too technical, there is some very simple advice to help guide you day-by-day, meal-by-meal, food choice by food choice.  Make the next great decision.  That’s right, make the next great decision.  Don’t fret or spend time worrying if you ate something you know you shouldn’t have.  Acknowledge it. Learn from it (how does it make you feel?  Does it correlate with your current fitness goals?).  And move forward with the mentality that the next food decision you make, you will make a great one.  This mindset really simplifies your approach to nutrition and your approach toward living a healthier lifestyle.  Now with that being said, it is highly important to increase your educational awareness regarding food choices and even more important to trust the sources from which you are receiving your information.  Don’t rely on gimmicks or quick fixes.  There is no such thing as over-night success when it comes to weight loss or body fat transformation.  If it took several years or months to stack on unwanted pounds or excess bodyfat, then be aware and acknowledge it is going to take some time to shed those same pounds.

But again in this circumstance, I encourage you to take it one day a time.  Focus on making the next great decision regarding your fitness goals.  Start first with your healthy breakfast.  Eat it. Enjoy it. And then think about your choice for a healthy snack or lunch.  Taking each meal one at a time will help keep you focused on a day full of healthy choices.

Day by day mini successes add up to a healthy lifestyle change.  Set your long-term goal, but more importantly, focus on achieving each of your short-term goals.  These mini-steps and accomplishments add up quickly and before you know it, your body and mind will be transformed.  But if you spend all of your time only focusing on your ultimate goal and trying to do it all at once, there is a good chance you will quickly become overwhelmed and end up right back in the position you started in.  So no matter what your goal is stay focused on the next GREAT decision that will take you closer to your goal.  Some days you might move inches and some days you might make leaps and bounds, but as long as you are pointed in the direction you want to go, you will continue to make progress and you will continue to battle through the confusion.

Thank you for making the decision to read this.  What’s your next great one going to be?

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