I started Strong & Lean to provide an option for those who wanted to be able to lift heavier and have more guidance and specific programming than in generalized group training. I’ve been at FunkFit for 4 years now and I’ve seen many members work hard and accomplish their weight loss goals. I wanted to provide that next step, building muscle & strength and gaining definition. Often as people are working on losing weight they lose some lean mass as well. It’s hard to build muscle and lose fat at the same time, usually one occurs at the expense of the other. With focused nutrition and workouts it is possible to trim that last little bit of belly fat while getting stronger and adding definition to muscle.

I also love seeing people accomplishing specific strength goals such as squatting more than your body weight, doing body weight pull-ups or push-ups etc. Some people are able to set goals and accomplish these things on their own but often a little extra help is needed. I’ve had several S&L participants be able to do body weight pull-up as an adult for the first time in their lives. That’s a huge accomplishment and I live for those moments!

As a GroupFit coach I see members who have had good training from the beginning, some who move well naturally and are fast learners, and those who struggle with form and technique often due to restrictions in mobility or areas of instability. Even those who are already moving well can often lift heavier as they learn to move more efficiently. I really enjoy having a chance to work with members in a smaller group setting such as S&L to be able to figure out why they are struggling and help them move better. I’m also better able to coach individuals to be more efficient in their movements.

Ideally my vision for S&L is to give members a chance to try something different by challenging them more with loaded and body weight movements, giving them a little more help reaching specific goals and teaching them to move as efficiently as possible. The program is in 6-week increments, which allows members enough time to see changes in their body shape and strength. Everything learned during the program can be used long term and my hope is that members who complete a round of S&L can go back to GroupFit or any other program feeling empowered to lift heavier, challenge themselves more, and make better nutrition choices for their specific goals.

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