Wow what a great day! The Strong and Lean girls are making news and breaking records.  We are only competing with ourselves of course but it always feels great to reach new milestones.

Chris, my veteran lifter has hit triple digits….awesome job, girl! I love you….Chris has lifted for years and has never seen gains like she has the past few months! She is now benching 100# +…. She has the body of a 20 year old and the experience of a 40 year old!!! Watch out!

Lori, is stronger than ever and did her first body weight pull up! Awesome job my dear! You worked hard and are looking fabulous!
These girls are on fire, keep up the lifting ladies!

“Whatever you think, comes true. Keep it positive.”

Next Strong and Lean starts September 2nd. Sign up now so we can prepare for another record breaking program. We are hoping to help a few new faces add muscle and get lean. It is a great program that will increase your confidence and strengthen your entire body.

Take care and don’t be afraid of lifting heavy!

Coach Twyla

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