What’s the point of this exercise Coach?”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this question then I’d be rich… or at least several dollars richer 😉

Well folks here is your answer….

Have you ever wondered how a house is built? What holds up the ceilings and the walls? If you have ever been in the position of buying a new or used home one thing you would consider would be the foundation and infrastructure. If there were any questions about the quality or issues with integrity, then you risk dumping more money into just to keep it from collapsing. One of our philosophies at FunkFit is based on this principle. One must attain TRUE core strength as a means to improve body mechanics and proper body function. Build your foundation and everything else can grow from there. The Turkish Get Up is a tried and true test of your body’s foundation.

If you are currently doing heavy power lifting style training, there is a good chance that you are losing some range of motion as you generally sacrifice some mobility in order to gain stability. The Get-Up can help to restore some of that, particularly in the shoulder girdle, which has a tendency to get tight in most people, regardless of profession or activity level. To put it simply, The Turkish Get-Up is the mechanically correct method of coming from a position lying on the floor, to standing while supporting a weight locked out overhead.


Here’s a short list of everything that we can get from within a single get up:

  1. Single leg hip stability during the initial roll to press and during the bridge.
  2. Both closed and open chain shoulder stability.
  3. Shoulder mobility.
  4. Thoracic extension and rotation.
  5. Hip and leg mobility and active flexibility.
  6. Stability in two different leg patterns – lunge stance as well as squat stance.
  7. Both rotary and linear stability.
  8. The ability to link movement created in our extremities to the rest of our body.

As if those aren’t reason enough for you, the TGU movement challenges an athletes’ coordination, strength, muscular endurance, and core stability. And this is exactly what our clients and members gain as a result of our training programs at FunkFit. We break it down step by step and add progression with load when ready. If we didn’t coach the TGU then we would be doing a disservice to our members and ourselves. 


Ain’t nobody got time for that?”

Imagine that you were strapped for time and could only afford a 20-30 minute workout. How could you get a great total body workout with such limited constraints? “Efficient training employs effective multi-purpose exercises, developing multiple qualities concurrently.” All you need is a 12kg bell and the ground beneath you. Don’t own a kettlebell? Grab a 20# dumbbell or make your own piece of resistance(use an empty milk carton and fill it up with water).  Express workouts are simple and don’t require a bunch of equipment.

Moreover, performed using the ‘bottom-up’ kettlebell position, the Turkish Get Up is also a great wrist and grip strengthening movement.

Loaded heavily, the regular Turkish Get Up is a real total body strength builder. This abbreviates your workout while still training all the required elements. So why wouldn’t you grab a Kettlebell and get on the floor?


So many options to pick from…..

Did you know that the TGU can be performed unweighted (common), loaded with kettlebells (quite common), loaded with sandbags (uncommon, but a slightly different technique), loaded with barbells (uncommon…and an extra dimension of balance and coordination), and loaded with a training partner (uncommon…and with an added dimension of strength and trust between training partners)? Mixing it up decreases your likelihood of getting “bored” plus it pushes your body in different ways and helps the body to adapt to a new environment. Next time you are in GroupFit trying grabbing a sandbag and see how you do.

Overall, the Turkish Get-Up is a highly functional movement that requires all the muscles of the body working together in order to accomplish the task. It’s like a beautifully orchestrated symphony when it all comes together. Movements like this will promote healthy joints, keep your posture correct, and your primal movement patterns intact, as well as get your heart beating faster and healthier. No more complaints ya’ll. Next time you do your TGU think about this blog and for pete’s sake SMILE at your amazing ability to move. #investinyourhealth #thatswhatwedo

**this blog post was brought to you by Coach Paige

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