By Luis Galindo




Every month we invest a great amount of time into our programming:

  1. Two weeks of careful planning and building a month long program.
  2. One hour where all of our coaches meet and discuss, plan, adjust, and make any necessary changes to it.
  3. Plus a few hours making sure that programs run smooth once they are rolled out.

All of our exercises have a “purpose” to them, a reason, and a “why.” And we are continuously making small changes to our programming to bring greater RESULTS.

We humbly believe that we have created one of the best recipes for Semi-Private and Group Training, and soon it might be written for other gyms to apply, but in the meantime they are exclusively to our FunkFit members.

Let me let you in on a secret: About 4 months ago we made the decision to make some changes/improvements to our Semi-Private training programming. We thought since we only had 2-4 people per session the results would be easier to track. We have been more than pleased with the results that those improvements generated, and for that reason we are implementing similar ideas and concepts to our GroupFit builds. You will see a nice balance of STRENGTH and ENDURANCE from day to day. The focus will be within the programming. We can promise you that you will continue to see great benefits from them! And for even greater RESULTS: Do 80/20 or 90/10 on your NUTRITION, show up (#consistency) 2-4 times per week, and have fun. That’s all!

I am sure you have seen and felt some changes in the last four months…they will continue to happen like no where else. Keep pushing forward. Trust yourself, push yourself, be strong, but never ignore pain. #Consistency #AttackTheDay #FunkFit

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