By Jeremy Jones

The fence line appeared long but was quickly swallowed up by every individual. First, the pick ax came thru, chiseling the hard ground, busting up the rocks, and creating the line for the shovels to follow. Next, each person with their shovel swept thru, immediately removing the top layer of dirt and sediment. To obtain 12 inches of depth, this process was repeated multiple times. Pick, pick, pick. Shovel, shovel, shovel.  Every passing minute created a stronger bond. Teamwork flourished. Strengths combined. Everyone came together to accomplish one goal. This trench was dug in record time.

It wasn’t about the trench tho. This was about serving. Serving others to be exact. The trench and the shovels played only a small part on that beautiful morning. After all, it only took an hour or so. What the trench will continue to provide is what it was all about. The flowers that will blossom. The beauty that will be shared. The bonds that were created. The opportunity to serve. That’s what that morning was all about.

Every single one of us that left that community garden in Phoenix left a part of us there. Accomplishment. Sweat. Pride. Happiness. Love. The combination of all of these traits and many more from so many of us there were all part of the beginning. The beginning of growth. The beginning of hope. The beginning of many years to come. That garden will continue to serve those in need. It will provide a place of refuge. Of beauty. A place to honor those in that community. This garden is only the beginning and for so many it will delay the end.

Each of us has the opportunity to be part of a beginning every day. Serve others. Create something that will flourish. Something that will help others. Do something. Hold a door open. Listen to someone. Acknowledge the person in front of you. Reach out to an old friend. Share you. A simple hello can go a long ways.

You’ve got less than 24 hours left in today. Make a difference. Who can you serve?

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