Strength comes in many forms, attributes, descriptions, and even definitions. Webster’s dictionary defines it in 3 different ways:

  •        the quality or state of being physically strong
  •       the ability to resist being moved or broken down by a force
  •        the quality that allows someone to deal with problems in a determined and effective way

We all have both inner strength (mental and spiritual) and outer strength (physical) and all 3 of the above definitions apply to each of these areas.  Each of us are unique in how we express our strengths and we can all increase our strengths mentally, spiritually, and physically.  The best way to do it is from the inside out.

Being spiritually strong requires a solid foundation of belief and trust.  Our beliefs and trust are the guiding light toward everything we want to accomplish.  You must continue to believe even more when there are forces trying to break you down.  Matter of fact, during tougher times is when your belief and trust should be at it’s highest.  Prayer and meditation and surrounding yourself with others whom share similar beliefs are the best ways to strengthen your foundation and continue to push forward as you overcome obstacles.

Mental strength comes from the discipline of actually doing what you set out to do.  No distractions or excuses can get in your way.  You must be determined to overcome any problems in an effective way.  Experience and education strengthen determination.  Learn from every opportunity and stay focused on your goals and aspirations.  The decisions you make everyday determine the outcome of your life.  Stay mentally strong by remaining focused on your foundation.

Physical strength is not always noticeable and it is always attainable.  Increasing your physical strength requires you to push beyond your limits, increase your capacities, and ultimately, just do it.  Being strong comes from the consistent repetition of moving more or doing more.  Our bodies were not made to be stagnant and complacent.  It is up to us to increase the demand and load we place on our body.  The best way to do this is to workout, and even better, to work out effectively and with a purpose.  Having a Coach and others around you motivates you and drives you to push harder and to get stronger.  Resist complacency.  Demand growth.

How do you matchup to each of these definitions?  What can you do today to get stronger?  Build your foundation first.  Strengthen the inside and the outside becomes even stronger. Strength powers us thru every day.  Maximize every opportunity.  Believe strong.  Focus strong.  Demand strong.

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