Hi there, I am Sabrina! I am proud to say that I am an Arizona State University Graduate; I earned my degree in Nutrition (Dietetics).  It is undeniable that food plays a central role in our lives, but few people actually understand how it affects our bodies on a day-to-day basis, and longevity.  Eating mindfully and getting in shape can be tough to balance, so my mission is to make nutrition easier for you.

You don’t need to eat less; you just need to eat right. Realistic nutrition is my approach and it shouldn’t sound scary, it should sound like relief! Dieting is unnecessary when you are eating mindfully and healthfully; nutrition is meant to nourish and fuel the body, not deprive it. Health is achieved by finding balance, and results are attained by staying consistent to an active lifestyle while eating in moderation. The 80/20 concept applies here; for optimal health 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. 

The meals plans that I construct are family centered, budget friendly, and cognizant of busy schedules! My aim is to bring a variety of flavors to your plate, to show you that eating healthy does NOT need to be boring!

I would love to talk about your nutrition goals with you if you would like, so please call and schedule an appointment with me for nutrition coaching to get you started on your journey of healthy living!

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