“The Progressive Mobility Course (PMC) is an all encompassing introductory program designed to identify movement dysfunction and limitations and progress the individual to the highest levels of movement possible. It is part education and part intensive training. A functional movement screen will begin the process, which is used to target problems and track progress. The FMS score will help identify exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement. After the corrective exercises are established, we will then look to address the following, in order:
  • Strength: A systematic joint-by-joint approach aimed at restoring full range of motion throughout the body with movement drills and joint mobilizations
  • Stretching: Exploring the difference between active and passive flexibility, key to injury prevention and proper movement
  • Soft Tissue Work: Self-myofascial release with foam rollers, lacrosse balls, softballs, etc…how to use self massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points
  • Breathing: The missing link in the mobility and movement puzzle, optimal movement simply is not possible without proper breathing mechanics.
“If optimal movement is something you have been struggling with and you would like to learn more, the PMC is the perfect choice for you!” Coach Matt Z.


  • 8 weeks (16 Semi-Private Sessions @2x per week) + (8 “Endurance & Mobility”Day GroupFit Sessions @1x per week) for a total of 3 MOBILITY workouts per week! Check our “Programs” section here to learn more.
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