Strong & Lean 2.0 is the next step after completing our Strong & Lean program to optimize your best results possible and to prevent “hitting a wall” in your training. We utilize advanced lifting techniques to strategically yield the best results for your muscles and to improve the health of your tendons even more than the normal “progressive overload” techniques utilized in most of our strength programs. We recommend you jump into S&L 2.0 right after finishing S&L 1.0 to experience the most benefits. (Or after being very consistent with your other training programs at FunkFit.)

Prerequisite: You must have previously completed Strong & Lean 1.0 to be able to enroll in 2.0. It is most beneficial when done after one week of “active recovery” (rest) and completion of S&L 1.0.

What can you expect of Strong & Lean 2.0?

  • 8 week program of 4 advanced lifting techniques.
  • Prevent “hitting a wall” in your workouts.
  • A very noticeable change in your body symmetry “The Beach Look.”
  • Improved tendon health.
  • S&L 1.0 is focused on “progressive overload.” 2.0 focuses on sustaining your gains year-round.
  • Use different tools such as chains, stones and heavy sandbags.


  • 8 weeks (16 Semi-Private Sessions @2x per week) + (8 “Fundamental Strength”Day GroupFit Sessions @1x per week) for a total of 3 strength workouts per week!
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