“We train the Athlete in You” 

Were you once a high school or college athlete?  Do you miss team camaraderie and competition?  Do you want to feel athletic and fit again?  Are you looking for a new challenge? Then this tribe is for youAre you ready to have fun?  A healthy dose of a competitive atmosphere and team-building environment will be the driving forces behind this unique program. The executive athlete and the competitive mom & daughter join forces to win in “Ultimate Frisbee”

The FunkFit sports tribe is an ongoing program shifting focus from sport to sport throughout the year. “Game Day” will be held at John Allen Park just east of the Gilbert Location! Sign up today, and get your friends to come train, play, and feel younger with you!

When & Where:

  • Ultimate Frisbee starts back up November 14th 2015

  • GAMEDAYS are Saturday at 9:00 AM @ John Allen Park (in Gilbert on corner of Elliott and Burk) (Come Join Us!!)

Registration cost for the entire Spring League:

  • On DONATION BASIS for FunkFit members and non-members ($1 dollar minimum per person)

We all need healthy competition in our lives to inspire us and push us to the next level.

Let’s Strive To Be 1% Better Every Day!

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