Accelerate your fitness goals in high energy classes.


A performance focused approach that will create a physique that appears strong and fit and is capable of performing as well as it looks. #performancefirst

Strength Classes

Because strength is the foundation for developing the rest of the physical qualities of performance. We utilize schools of powerlifting and strongman to help you burn calories even after your workouts while building your foundational strength! Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, Loaded Carry. The approach is always simple, but not easy.

Endurance Classes

Because endurance HIIT workouts improve athletic capacity and conditioning as well as improved metabolic effects, fat oxidation, and brain power! We use HIIT (High Intensity Interval, Training) type of programming which has been shown to produce the best performance results. The movements are ones that we are inefficient at, things that are hard to adapt like rogue bike, rower, skierg, core movements that efficiently burn the most calories.

Cycle Classes

Because cycling classes help you shed fat, improve your heart health, and boost your muscle endurance. Especially when combined with strength training! Our coaches will take you on a ride that is unique and full of great vibes! Performance, fun, lights and beats to create an experience that will leave you inspired like no other.

Mobility Classes

Because practicing mobility may reduce the risk of injury, improve athletic performance, retard the effects of aging, and help you develop that long ‘athletic-looking’ body. We incorporate mobility at the start and end of all of our programs and as a sole program weekly.



The key to a successful fitness journey is consistency, and the easiest way to be consistent is to take a sustainable and enjoyable approach to training.


  • Strength: strengthen bones and muscles while building self esteem and confidence


  • Endurance: challenge your heart rate and your comfort zones, while encouraging you to push through and get mentally stronger too


  • Cycling: strengthen your heart and lungs and give you the opportunity to have some fun on a bike in a room that feels like a party and keeps you motivated with the lights, booming music, and motivating Cycle Coaches


  • Mobility: helps you strengthen and increase your range of motion throughout your entire body while helping to decrease your chance of injury