Success lies in a masterful consistency around a few fundamentals  – Robin Sharma

Are you a beginner or looking to get back to working out after a break or injury? These 8 sessions will give you the confidence and results to achieve MORE.

During each of these sessions we will coach you thru a healthy mobility routine that you can implement on your own (even at home!). You will also learn proper technique across our 5 fundamental movement patters: Push, Pull, Squat, Hinge, and Carry. And your endurance will improve with the metabolic finishers at the end of your workout.

Our goal at the end of the Fundamentals program is to have you ready for your next step..Semi private coaching or our GroupFit program!

All of our programs will guide and inspire you to increase your mobility and get stronger, which in turn will improve your health and overall appearance. Results are guaranteed if you follow our guidelines and stick to the program! Most importantly, just show up 🙂

Educating you to chase performance first, instead of aesthetics, is our PASSION. This will lead to long standing results because you will be internally motivated by your performance, rather than body weight or body fat %. Your body’s transformation will be the AWESOME side effect of doing the simple things that make you a better athlete.

The goal is to improve your performance without sacrificing your health. 1% Better. Every. Day.


  • Learn simple movements that will improve your MOBILITY
  • Learn to master “The Fundamental 5” of strength training
  • Learn to “increase your performance without sacrificing your health”
  • Learn about our achievable standards that you can progress towards every workout
  • Create better health patterns (movement habits)
  • Increase your confidence in lifting heavier loads, properly
  • Improve your mobility (strength and flexibility) so your risk of injury is reduced


“First increase your performance and aesthetics will follow.”

I would say that I am a stronger but more importantly happier person by being a member of Funktional Fitness. Joining has been the single force in stress reduction allowing me to go home from the workout after a long day of work and pay even more positive attention to my family. It has also made me feel young and athletic again. Great for the body, mind and soul. Allison C.

I am seeing/feeling an increased stamina and strength in my daily activities. Lifting grandchildren and lugging heavy vacuum up and down steps is easier. When I came initially I had chronic pains that have worked themselves out. Anyone considering becoming a member here should know that they would get great attention. This is an environment where everyone is expected to work hard at their own level. There is a pull to keep giving and working, but also sensibility in honoring individual needs. Working out with others makes everything more enjoyable as well. Having trainers to check form, etc., is a huge benefit! Sonya E.

It’s a great place for beginners and advanced athletes. There is something for everyone and no one feels left out. I respect the knowledge and experience of the trainers. This facility provides a safe environment for people of all fitness levels to come together. Sara A.V

YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I am so happy to be part of the Funkfit Community! Robin C.

The well-designed full-body workouts and energetic guidance during the classes help to produce the best results I have seen from working out in only three short months. I have lost weight and fat while significantly improving my mobility, endurance and strength, which have positively transcended into all aspects of my life Jono C.

Love FunkFit! Community and attitude make it a great place to workout Cavner

It’s such a positive and encouraging environment that is challenging. Really good workouts Erin B.

The instructors/coaches. They are always upbeat and helpful; their positive attitudes are contagious. Dale K.

The funkfit program works and is fun. The instructors are great and give immediate feedback if your doing something wrong and always are supportive and motivating. Brenda C.

If you need someone to encourage you and get you excited about getting healthy, this place is the place to go! You’ll find support from the trainers and everyone else who is on the same journey as you and there is never any judgment from anyone! Just love and laughter and support! A. Hays

Coolest gym I’ve been too great approach to a different and unique way of fitness. The best part are the people and friends I’ve made here. Corey K.

Sign up for the free consultation and see how awesome this place is for yourself! Rebecca M.

I like the environment, and the constant challenge of striving for more. Funkfit is a helthy environment of empowering their members to maximize results both physically, and mentally, to the next level. Ben I.

It is actually a “gym” that you will use. The value far outweighs the cost because it is a place you want to be and grow instead of having to come up with your own workouts every time at a normal “gym”. Ryan N.

Funk offers a great environment for anyone to work out in. The trainers and clients are so supportive and always willing to help each other out. This is what I love the most about Funk! Michelle C.

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