Functional training trains complete body movements, as opposed to isolating one muscle at a time. This provides you better muscular balance and joint stability, while decreasing the chance of injury. Lean and defined muscle tone is attained throughout this style of training because of the multitude of directions and multitude of muscles and stabilizers utilized throughout each exercise. Functional Training studies have also shown users to have a 58% greater increase in strength over fixed-form groups (machines). Their improvements in balance have been 196% higher over fixed groups and also reported an overall decrease in joint pain by 30%.Our methods focus on improving your STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, and MOBILITY.

How is Funktional Fitness similar or different from Crossfit?

We are similar to Crossfit because: We both utilize functional training movements and strength programs. We both build great community and camaraderie, and we both care about our members results.

We are different to Crossfit because: We do very little Olympic lifting with barbells. And we don’t do competitive workouts against other times.

How is Funktional Fitness different than a Box Gym?

At Funktional Fitness we incorporate movements that mimic life’s everyday activities. We utilize methods like PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) which involves training your whole body in a session, thus increasing blood circulation and producing the best results by lowering body fat, and increasing your lean body mass. We train movement, not muscles. All of our workouts are planned a month in advanced. And you are always led by a Coach.

I see I can choose from Private, Semi-Private, or Group Coaching, what are the differences between the three?

Private Coaching focuses on nutrition guidance, your own training needs, and assisted stretches designed exclusively for you. Semi-Private Coaching is a smaller groups of 2-5 people, therefore attention is to each person than a large group and movements can be adjusted easier to meet the needs of everyone in the small group. Group Coaching incorporates a lot of the same movements and exercises, but in a group setting of 10 – 20 people. The benefits of GroupFit are camaraderie, cost, and the frequency of your workouts.

*ALL of our programs are lead by one of our highly trained and certified Personal Trainer (Lifestyle and Fitness Coach).

What type of fitness level do I need to be at in order to train at Funktional Fitness?

Funktional Fitness is for ALL fitness levels. We have clients from ages 9 to 84 yrs young. We will get you in your best shape, no matter the shape you are in now!

Do you offer nutrition guidance?

Yes. Nutrition plays the most important role of reaching your goals (90% of your goal) Upon enrollment you will receive guidance from your coach and you will also receive a book that we have put together to help you make the right nutrition decisions. Our team of Fitness Professionals have extensive knowledge on nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Do I always have to come at a specific time?

NO. We are aware that everyone’s schedules are unpredictable, and for that same reason you are welcome to pick the times that work best with you from our GroupFit schedule. And with Private Coaching you will schedule your sessions with your Fitness Professional.

What if my friends want to try it out?

We encourage everyone to try it, we promise they will love it! And if they join FunkFit, our way of saying THANK YOU to you is by having a Referral Program which will give you $50.00 for every person that signs up.

Does Funktional Fitness have a shower?

Yes. We have showers available to members.

If GroupFit is what I want and need, is there a type of condition that I have to be in?

Yes, we recommend that you are free of joint painful problems, good basic cardiovascular health ( jogging 450 meters (one block) and good joint mobility. And don’t worry if you have some of these problems, the FunkFit team is excellent in teaching joint mobility and correcting postural imbalances. We work with elderly and athletes to correct these common problems we see with life in general. But if that is your case we will suggest starting you off with Private or Semi-Private Training.

If I have knee, ankle, or shoulder injuries can I still enroll in GroupFit?

We strongly suggest that you start with Private Coaching to have our Fitness Professionals teach you ways to improve these areas and to prevent further injury. Sign up for a complimentary session above to meet with us. We will show you how we can help you reach your goals, what makes FunkFit different, and then recommend the best option for you.

What are your fees?

Private Coaching (1:1) can be as low as $33 per session. Semi-Private Coaching (2-5) can come to be as low as $12 a visit. GroupFit Coaching (10-20) can come to be as low as $6 per visit.

*Prices may be subject to change depending on specials or price increases. Please come in to the studio or give us a call for more info.

480-503-2307 GilbertĀ  Studio
What if I am not ready to commit, can I try it first and then decide?

Yes. We encourage you to try a FREE Private Coaching session or a FREE week of Semi-Private or GroupFit to see if you are ready to make that commitment and investment in your own health, and most importantly, that you will like where your lifestyle change will take place.

Look no further. Start your free week trial today!

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