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Our methods are quite simple, but simple is not easy. We work on helping you build strength, mobility and endurance. Movements are determined by what you do, or where you are in life. We choose movements that will give you the best ROI (return on investment) to improve your performance to the max while being smart in the process. We intentionally do as much as we possibly can to increase your internal motivation by becoming the facilitators of a great community. We track performance, but we don’t compete with others. You are on your own time, but you can always be better than before…1% better as we say.

The Schedule

Group workouts, 7 days a week. Up to 8 Group Coaching Sessions per day!


Practice BASIC Fundamental Movements that will yield the best lean and strong muscles under lesser loads and more volume to increase muscle endurance. Still appropriate for all ability levels.


Our world is three-dimensional; we move forward and back in the sagittal plane, we move side to side in the frontal plane, and we rotate in the transverse plane. In order to train effectively, we need to consider movement in these three planes of motion to make sure all muscles are getting stimulated.

The Core portion of this group training session will work core muscles in three directions or planes of motion, enabling you to strengthen your core like never before.

The Conditioning portion of the program will focus on improving performance, agility, and proprioception of your muscles while you BURN tons of calories and improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs.


On Metabolic Strength Day we use various combinations of intense, efficient cardiovascular and resistance training. We will involve supersets, complexes, metabolic, low rest and compound movements.

We will coach you on proper techniques with different tools like: Kettlebells, Barbells, and Body Weight Training which are great for improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and power.




We will perform different sets of exercises that will increase power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, with great tools like Sandbags, TRX, and Dynamax balls that will be incorporated in stations to improve core integrity and explosive ability. Intensity levels are easily varied to adapt to each individual’s abilities.



Strength is a key factor when developing an exercise program and establishing the foundation to attain results. This group training session will teach the novice to the elite, primal strength exercises that will increase lean body mass, decrease body fat, and improve performance, while being closely monitored for proper form and technique. You will be performing weight lifts, and body weight exercises that will stimulate your body to your desired fitness levels.

Fundamental movement patterns, upper and lower body pushes and pulls will be performed in this group sessions.


The Endurance portion of this class will do just that while burning hundreds of calories and strengthening your heart and lungs. Your very own body will all be used during your different Endurance sessions.

The Mobility portion of this class will improve your overall body alignment. Different exercises will be performed to help eliminate painful hips, knees, and stiff shoulders, making you faster and more powerful, while moving more efficiently. Posture and muscle imbalances will be greatly improved.



Sundays at 9 AM we will have Yoga or Mobility. Our Yoga is an all-level relaxing Vinyasa style flow linking breath and movement. You will leave feeling refreshed!

Yoga/Mobility will improve your overall body alignment. We incorporate different movements that will help eliminate painful hips, knees, and stiff shoulders, making you faster and more powerful, while moving more efficiently. Posture and muscle imbalances will be greatly improved.



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