Nutrition 101

We started Nutrition 101 workshops with the intention of educating our members and guests on the importance that nutrition plays in our lives being aware that if we use external motivation like challenges and focus topics: “Sugar Detox Series”, “21 Day Challenge”, and others, the rate of success increases and the process becomes more fun. There is so much information out there about nutrition that it can become overwhelming to many, we want to give people the most simple tools so they become successful – 1% better everyday.


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Nutrition plays the most important role when it comes to achieving your new lifestyle (about 80% of your goals). With our Nutrition 101 program we will educate, motivate, and inspire you to adapt a healthy eating plan that will lead you to your goals. Results will be achieved with our proper guidance and real life solutions. We take a holistic approach to nutrition while stressing the importance of “traditional foods.” It is not just about calories in and calories out. Our program highlights the truths about nutrition and creating a lifestyle change by incorporating simple and effecting eating habits into your daily routine.

How It Works

1. Accountability
We will utilize simple methods to hold you accountable during the first 3 weeks of your program. These methods will help you succeed and become 1% better every day.

2. Awareness
The amount of information out there on nutrition can be overwhelming at times, information overload. Our goal is bring light to what has worked for us thru-out our 20 years of experience of helping people reach their goals. No fad diets, no fancy names for anything, just simply what works. The truth.

3. Motivation – Inspiration
Motivation plays a key role when it comes to achieving results. Often times a prize and friendly competition helps motivate us to establish healthy habits that help us get from here to there. At times we will combine our with the Nutrition 101 program to motivate you externally by offering a $250 credit to any program at FunkFit to the female and male winners (determined by bodyfat, inches, and weight loss). Ultimately, the goal is for you to achieve internal motivation (INSPIRATION) to continue your healthy eating habits and enjoy the process for the rest of your life!!

Online support is also included in our program to help answer those tough “what about this?” nutrition questions via a private Facebook forum page. This is a great place to share ideas with others and motivate each other so that we can achieve results across the FunkFit community

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