Devin Murray


Celebrity crush is Robert Pattinson

Kinda met Taylor Swift for a hot second

Loves lime everything .. but also a big fan of tequila

Devin started as a rider that fell in love with cycling and decided to push herself out of her comfort zone and become a coach! Her goal is to be a safe place for riders to embrace their truest selves! Get ready for great sing-along music and a constant flow of positive energy.

Dom Nguyen



In the Navy

Has over 100 pairs of shoes

Dom never thought he would become a coach or work in fitness until he started on this path. He knew that it was something he wanted to see through. Dom has a very calming and relaxing presence and tries his best to make everyone feel as supported as possible.

Jacob Fox


Feed him mashed potatoes with avocado

He has broken the same bone 5 times! (Left clavicle)

Known to become quite the fanboy in the presence of Joe Rogan

Jacob’s classes are educational, challenging, and encouraging all at the same time! Jacob started his own fitness journey at the age of 16 and remains extremely active. In his spare time, he practices Jiu Jitsu, plays golf and of course more lifting.

Jeremy Jones


Dallas Cowboys Fan

Loves playing basketball

What does he want? Raw oysters on the half shell all day!!

CoOwner Jeremy has always been an athlete and responded well to Coaches. Growing up playing multiple sports, he quickly realized the influence and impact Coaches can have on others. His goal in every class is to share cues and techniques that help members improve their form and understand the movements better so they can continue to improve their performance. All done in a fun, motivating, and positive way!

Kaya Perks


Former figure skater

Drives a stick shift

Good at juggling

Kaya began working at Cycle Ave as a part of the FI team for 2 1/2 years. She always thought the cycle classes were so much fun and the idea of becoming a coach was definitely in the back of her mind. Her thoughts became reality and now she leads her own super fun classes with lots of big beat drops!

Keila Hall


Grew up a Beyoncé Fanatic

Terrified of Crickets

Two weeks off a Triple Chocolate Cake Obsession

Keila traded in her Veterinarian books to major in Exercise Science and never looked back. Her classes are upbeat, encouraging and her energy is contagious! She’s a Mom of two, social justice advocate and …

Layni Rodriguez


Loveeees some good country music

Was a kickboxer for 3 years

Really likes Pickle juice (don’t ask questions)

Layni always wanted to do something that would inspire people and make an impact. Her first coaching opportunity was actually Club Volleyball but then she fell in love with the team we have at FunkFit & CycleAve and knew she had to be more involved. Her goal is to better herself and motivate others. Her classes are BAD A$$ laced with music that will GET YOU GOING!

Luis Galindo


Born in Arizona 🌵 and raised in Mexico 🇲🇽

6’2 but his Mom is 4’11

Loves Octopus

Co-Owner Luis G has found his purpose in life, which is to create work that really matters and to serve others through those creations. He always knew he wanted to help people through health. He had plans to become a doctor but life led him into fitness. The idea of helping people get healthy was a priority, and after exploring the medical field he found he wanted to be a part of a more proactive solution and work on the root of the problem. He earned his first fitness certification at 19 years young, he then hired a personal trainer and worked with him for the experience. He started FullTime in the fitness industry in 2001 and by 2008, he founded Funktional Fitness with Jeremy Jones!

Maddy Novicky


Target trips are a hobby

Obsessed with Bruno Mars!

Sings on the worship team at her church

Maddy never thought she would become a coach. If you would have told her 5 years ago that she would be coaching spin, she wouldn’t have believed you. Maddy’s sister-in-law took her to her first class and it was tough, but of course she felt great after. She kept going and found herself making playlists and doing choreo in the car! That’s when she thought, “I think I can do this.” Maddy loves coaching people to push past their doubts and accomplish things they had no idea were possible.

Ricky Cordova


Yuma, AZ is home

Can not stand deviled eggs

Marathon Runner

Ricky loves traveling and going to concerts with his wife, tailgating, fantasy football, doing 5k’s with his in-laws, training his pup, and hiking with friends. He’s been an indoor cyclist for many years and always aspired to be on the podium. He was invited to “check out” auditions, made the team and the rest is history! Ricky’s classes are hard-hitting, power-driven with everything but the kitchen sink remixed!

Riley Chiles


A Level 3 animal ( if you know, you know)

Bring her black licorice and jelly beans

Her dream is to have a golden retriever and move to Scotland

Riley didn’t expect to work in fitness but came to FunkFit and fell in love! She vibes on life and good energy! She brings the party to the front desk!

Sarah Galindo



8 inches taller than average height

Currently studying to be a real estate agent

Obsessed with Criminal Minds TV show. If I could start a charity, it would be for a dog rescue organization.

My hobbies are spending time with friends, watching movies, and painting.

Sydney Perry


Only Turns on the Tv for Real Housewives or Football

Met Russell Westbrook and forgot how to utilize all motor skills

Commercial Print Model

Expect a playlist that can be a bit moody, work that’s intense yet fun because there will definitely be club bangers! Sydney’s crowned herself the Cardio Queen and you’ll quickly understand why when you’re asking how many more intervals are left?

Steven Jacober


Loves Hot Sauce! The hotter the better!

Has 16-20 bottles right now as he has to have the right hot sauce for every food

Obviously can breathe fire

Right after high school Steven was hired on as a host at Red Lobster and was promoted to bartender shortly after. He loved the fast exciting atmosphere where flair was encouraged and how every shift felt like a performance. He stayed in this position for about 10 years before going into management. After managing for 5 years, the stress, hours, and unhealthy lifestyle caught up to him. He was the heaviest he had ever been and felt terrible most of the time. He decided it was time to make a change and hired a personal trainer. He loved the experience and results, then he knew he had to help people do the same.

Kevin Avalos


Has a handsome dog


Kevin always knew he would become a coach. He started training his younger brothers and friends when he was young. He went on to make things official getting certified through NASM, Institute of Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health, and CFSC. His classes are welcoming and super motivating.

Whitney Sweet


Can do a pistol squat all the way to the floor.

Army Veteran

Adult Soccer Coach

Cycling is Whitney’s passion. As a rider, someone sent her a link to audition to be a coach, she thought why not and did. Well… the rest is history. Her classes are full of remixes fueled by Hip hop, reggaeton, and top hits. She’s always taking song requests and known for her eclectic playlists.

Felicia Renae


Obsessed with all things Hailey Bieber

Salmon and broccoli for breakfast

Fluent in American Sign Language

Felicia never thought she would become a coach until she met Cycle Ave. “Life-changing”. She used to picture herself on the podium but never talked about it. All it took was for one person to say they believed in her & it became reality. “Believe in the people around you! They need it.”